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Monday, January 24, 2011

American Idol: Season 10 Breaking Point

American Idol starts season 10 with out Simon Cowell and his brutal judging. This season brings two new judges to the table, Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's front man. Steven and Jennifer are seasoned performers and entertainers, so this is more realistic, than someone like Ellen DeGeneres.


American Idol Front Stage 2011This season of American Idol is a breaking point, and to be considered by many to be the make it or break it season. Simon Cowell is no longer a judge, and was at the forefront of AI since the beginning. Simon was the shows main attraction, apart from weird far out contestants. Simon will be back on TV with X-Factor this year, something to look forward to there.


Has American Idol outlived its expectations for viewers?


Steven Tyler will be the one person, who can make or break Idol this season, besides Tyler, There isn't any possible entertainment there from the judges.


I know why we’re here. We’re all here because we’re not there” A nice quote from Aerosmith's front man, and in Steven Tyler style.


Aerosmith have put everything on hold for a year, while Tyler does his stint on Idol, this could be a strategic marketing plan for the band.


Season 10 of American Idol, so far has a few hopeful contestants that have a chance of making it to the final round, some of the noticeable contestants are Robbie Rosen, Jacee Badeaux, Kenzie Palmer, and Victoria Huggins.


Clay Aiken, American Idols Season two second place contestant, has made some good comments, and support behind Victoria Huggins. Clay and Victoria Huggins apparently go back a few years and know each other from other variety shows, where they had both won in their respected categories. Clay Aiken’s support for Victoria is only natural, and the 16 year old girl is a great singer with a huge potential for the future, regardless of how well she does on American Idol.


While we are talking about Clay Aiken, He is about to start his tour to support his latest release “Tried and True”  Complete details and concert listings and album reviews are on the Tried and True Tour Schedule article.



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