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  • Adam Lambert: The Quest for Platinum

    Adam Lambert: The Quest for Platinum

    Adam Lambert, the successful runner up from American Idol (Season 8) is on a quest for platinum. Adam's debut album "For Year Entertainment" is close to reaching platinum status in the US.

  • Black Sabbath: The Reunion

    Black Sabbath: The Reunion

    Black Sabbath: The Reunion

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to be a Verified Belieber in 3 mins

Have you ever wondered what a verified belieber is? or what is a belieber?
Justin Bieber as you know by now is a phenomenal boy who struck fame with his debut album My World 2.0 He recorded and released the album in 2010 when he was 16 years old. 

Justin was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun who seen his Youtube videos when he was 14 years old. Justin recorded a few singles, while he was recording his debut album, which started the bieber fever.

What is a Belieber:
A Belieber is a nickname for Justin Bieber fans, who believes in Justin, the dream, and the phenomenon that is and surrounds Justin Bieber.

How to be a Verified Belieber: Verified Belieber
Watch the video below, it is the one of the first videos Justin Bieber posted on Youtube, before he was discovered. 

It takes only 3 minutes to be a verified Belieber.

The video is breath taking on the power and emotion in Justin's singing, and at such a young age. The unbelievable raw talent is there, and you are awestruck just watching him sing the song. 

After seeing this video of Justin Bieber, you will be a verified belieber, and part of the phenomenon of millions of beliebers worldwide.

By George Luker (C) 2011 Krule Music

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adam Lambert: The Quest for Platinum

Adam Lambert, the successful runner up from American Idol (Season 8) is on a quest for platinum. Adam's debut album "For Year Entertainment" is close to reaching platinum status in the US. As Adam is recording his follow up album, he is hoping to reach that platinum sales plateau, which is within reach with over 800,000 units sold already.

Whataya Want From Me is one of the best selling singles from his album "For Your Entertainment" selling over 1,6 million copies in the US alone. It is a great classic pop rock song, that really makes Adam Lambert shine as a vocalist and performer. The song has also earned him a Grammy Award nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. 

For Your Entertainment Track Listing:
  1. Music Again
  2. For Your Entertainment
  3. Whataya Want from Me
  4. Strut
  5. Soaked
  6. Sure Fire Winners
  7. A Loaded Smile
  8. If I Had you
  9. Pick U Up
  10. Fever
  11. Sleepwalker
  12. Aftermath
  13. Broken Open

Life on the Front Stage:
Adam is no stranger to the stage, he has been a public performer since he was a young boy. Performing as a stage actor, he has performed in many onstage musicals and toured before he became famous as a recording artist. All the plays and musicals, just added as training for a life in music. This is proof, that Adam Lambert is not a fly by night singing contest finalist. (Sarcastic pun intended).

In 2009 Adam decided to try out for American Idol (Season 8) which proved to be quite beneficial to him. It was predicted early in the season, by the judges, that Adam would go to the finals. Adam did go to the final and finished as the runner up. Through out the season 8 Adam performed a great mixture of pop and classic rock songs, which suited him well for his vocal style and performance.

During American Idol an apparent smear campaign was conducted against him, with some publishing photos of Lambert and another male being intimate. Adam admitted his sexual orientation and stated he was not ashamed nor, did he have anything to hide. Adam handled the situation in a very diplomatic way, and continued the season, and it did not effect his ratings as a singer and performer on American Idol.

Quest for Platinum:
Currently Adam Lambert is recording his second album in the studio, which is rumored to be a great album to come. With his vocal style and panache this is bound to be a much anticipated follow up album.
Adam Lambert possess all the qualities of a star performer, and successful one at that. With his flamboyant style, attitude and charisma he will be a successful artist always.

Adam Lambert is the male version of Lady Gaga all the elements are there, from vocals and style to marketing and performing.

Will Adam Lambert's debut album "For Your Entertainment" reach Platinum sales status before he releases his next album? We hope it does, he is an artist that deserves to cross the finish line.

Adam Lambert's album sales to date are approximately over 800,000 in the US, another 200,000 units need to be sold to have the RIAA certification of Platinum.

By George Luker (C) Copyright 2011 Krule Music