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    Adam Lambert: The Quest for Platinum

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers: Studio Alchemy

Adam Lambert is currently recording his second album and logging in some hours in the recording studio. Adam’s album was originally supposed to be released in 2011, but was recently revealed by his record company that the album would be released in 2012. Some really exciting news had been disclosed this week, that Adam Lambert would be collaborating with the legendary Nile Rodgers, on some new songs.

This is exciting news for all Glamberts, as Nile Rodgers is a historic hit maker, with a knack and flair for writing great songs. Nile has worked with everyone in the music industry as record producer and songwriter, usually collaborating with artists. 

Nile Rodgers was the driving force and melodic remedy maker behind many of Duran Duran’s album, including their “Notorious” album, which was a turning point for the band. Nile came in and became an actual member of Duran Duran, filling in the void as guitarist when Andy Taylor had left the band, the first time. 

Mr. Rodgers has a long list of reputable artists, many hit songs and albums, which he has produced, written, and collaborated on, that act as his recommendations. He is the producer behind David Bowie’s iconic “Let’s Dance” album, which spawned hits such as “China Girl”, “Modern Love”, and “Let’s Dance”. 

Nile Rodger’s songwriting and production work can be described as chic and soul, with hooks and melody that became anthems. His strength is in pop rock and R&B style music, where he shines with his golden touch, which inevitably becomes chart topping hits.

The collaboration of Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert just makes perfect sense, not only on paper, but in reality. With Adam Lambert’s style and performance of flawless vocals, and desire for a more personal album, with songs to match, the combination of both working on songs and recording together, will make it a reality. 

You might be interested in reading Adam Lambert: The Quest for Platinum its a great article with some details on Adam's rise to fame, and a look at his album sales. A must read for all Glamberts.

Adam has dropped hints about the new songs; he has been co-writing and recording.  He has also mentioned the many producers and songwriters he’s working with, and spoke about the vibe and style of music, which he is after, and wants to record. 

Adam Lambert has control on the overall creative process on his next album, and as he mentioned many times, he wants this to be a in your face kind of album, with a direct punch and hit, while having more feeling and soul on his songs. 

With Nile Rodgers as a collaborating mentor on the creative process and songwriting, Adam Lambert is bound to come out with some sure fire hits on his new album. 

Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers together is studio Alchemy.

By George Luker (C) Copyright 2011 Krule Music