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    Adam Lambert: The Quest for Platinum

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lady Gaga: Fashionate Front Stage Saga

Lady Gaga continues her phenomenal saga. Making head lines, fashion statements and making her mark on the music scene, as well as the fashion scene. Will we see Lady Gaga on the catwalk one day?


To understand a little more on the Lady Gaga Phenomenon, you could read or previous post Lady Gaga: Phenomenon, Satire, or Good Marketing?.


Lady Gaga’s flair for fashion, glamour and abundant style is something that can’t be denied. Fashion designers around the world are on cloud nine, as they have a high profile celebrity walking the urban catwalk everyday. Lady Gaga’s Haute Couture might become casual women’s fashion.


Lady-Gaga-FashionateDesigners such as Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Fendi, Givenchy, and Armani are franticly designing outrageous outfits, shoes and handbags for the Poker Face Paparazzi singer.


Lady Gaga’s passion, desire, fashion, and fame have earned her a new title of Fashionate woman.


As in the lyrics of her song Fashion

“Fashion put it all on me, Don't you want to see these clothes on me”

Fashionate Front Stage Lady Gaga.


When she comes out with a new album she could name it Fashionate Front Stage Lady Gaga or Fashionate Front Stage Saga.


Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame
In little over a year Lady Gaga went from struggling as a performer in New York to the an over night sensation and phenomenon.

From her outrageous outfits to elaborate live shows and out-spoken politics, her life is one grand performance.

In Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame, Emily Herbert goes into detail,  behind the costumes and the gossip to find out how Stefani Germanotta, the self-confessed "weird-girl" transformed herself into the most talked about pop figure of the new decade.

An interesting read about the “Mother Monster”. A must read for all “Little Monsters”.


Since 2008 with the release of The Fame, and 2009’s The Fame Monster, we all know who Lady Gaga is. Lady Gaga is a Fashionate woman with style, flair, and artistic etiquette.


By George Luker © Copyright 2010 Krule Music


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